Fake book account to see if boyfriend would cheat.

this afternoon my best friend told me she made a fake account to see if my boyfriend would react ( I agreed) and to my big surprise he did

He kept talking..Sending pictures of himself

Can't believe it this makes me sick

When my friend told him at the end of the conversation that it was her and that she wanted to check if he wasn't a cheater and a liar, he told her I already knew it was her and that he wanted to see how stupid she was! what to believe?


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  • I don't think you should believe that he knew. Although, if he did know, you also have to wonder how much he knew.

    For all you know, your friend could have actually asked for your permission to let him cheat, but that aside:

    You should clearly break up. Neither of you sound like you are ready for a relationship. You used your friend to possibly seduce and manipulate him, as shadowscapes said, and he either failed the test and proved he would have cheated, or he proved that he would do anything to make a point.

    You clearly don't trust each other, and without that then what do you have anyway?

    The two of you need to have a serious talk.

    • he was hit on by someone other than his partner and reciprocated, ohh the manipulative mind control. it was like a total captain ginyu body switch.

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    • Probably not, but I just think it's pretty unhealthy how out of their way thy went to do this. Yes, it's OK to not always fully trust someone, but this seems like she had no trust at all. Granted, her distrust was not misplaced, but nothing about this relationship seems healthy.

    • rather than believing things based on emotional whims, currently the best way humans can make sound decisions is by testing its merit, gathering the evidence, and go from there. I truly understand where you're coming from, but why is it that in this particular context people are against said methods?

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  • He's lying. What he said is what anyone (who is lying) would say.

    There's no way he could have possibly known (unless your friend shared some personal info that gave her away) and that is unlikely is she was spying.

    He's a loser plain and simple. Ditch him and find a good man. A good man is a man who wants nothing more than to be with you because you indeed are the key to this man's happiness :)

    • They are immature and wasting time trying to find dirt on some guy. They both need to grow up and actually wait for something to happen . They are immature like you who runs around trolling on everyone's answers instead of being concerned about your own answer .

    • I wouldn't say troll, but rather he doesn't circle jerk like most of the people here.

  • Yeah, he wasn't joking. He actually fell for it.

    But does her test (which is essentially a sting op.) fall within the lines of entrapment? link

    Essentially, did your friend simply just present an opportunity for him to send her pics and he did all of the legwork. Or did she in anyway attempt to persuade or influence his decision.

    • Upvote for putting Mayor Rob Ford as your avatar. The mans funny as sin.

      No I did not eat that woman's pussy! I get plenty to eat at home! I laughed so hard when he said that (or something like it) in an interview. The guy literally has no filter. Then when he knocked over that council woman in city hall. I laughed until it hurt.

    • thanks.

  • So if he did know all along, how would he be showing your friend is stupid by acting like he would cheat? That sounds like a desperate excuse to save his ass.

  • All I can say is if I ever found out someone was manipulating me in such a way I'd cut them loose without hesitation.

    Enjoy the outcome because you created it.

    • yeah. it was probably a rigged outcome. it depends on the chat logue. if she messaged him and said nothing sexual or suggestive, and he pursued her, that's one thing. but if she in any way tried to coax him to go along with it, it's her fault.

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    • Judging from your previous said beliefs that probably wouldn't be such a bad idea.

      "You didn't allow me to cheat in an organic fashion!? My every action controlled by a damn wizard!"

      Pretty sound argument!

    • "It opposes and fights, on closer inspection, not the ideal itself but only it's exteriors, it's guise and masquerade, its temporary dogmatic hardening and stiffening, and by denying what is exoteric in this ideal, it liberates what life is in it."

  • I'm sorry but both you and your friend are immature idiots.

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  • If you felt the need to go through all that trouble to find out if he was cheating, then you already knew deep down that he was and just needed proof. No person in a happy relationship does this kind of immature foolishness. Neither of you are happy with each other. The question of, "is he cheating?" is irrelevant at this point because whether he is or isn't, the relationship has trust issues on both sides now. This was a horrible idea.

    Sidenote: Your "friend" sounds jealous and may want your boyfriend, no one puts this much effort into someone else's relationship unless they will be benefiting form the downfall in some way. Watch her.

    Overall, yes he's lying. If he knew it was her, he would have NOT gone along with it and would've been on his best behavior. Then he would be proving a point that you didn't trust him and make you feel horrible for doing all of this. He obviously had no clue and fell for the "trap" you created. Now the question is, will you break up with him after this? You strike me as the type to stay with him after convincing yourself that he knew all along and he proved a point by cheating on you with you by accident. You both need to end this, and if you don't have the willpower, I hope he gathers enough to do it himself. This is a poisonous relationship for you both.

  • I don't believe him, particularly since both you and your friend felt the possibility was there enough to check. However maybe next time you could recognise that you don't trust this guy and end the relationship since you should never be with someone you don't trust

  • 1) she did that so you guys could break up. why would she purposely want to see if he was a cheater? she's NOT dating him?

    2) she's jealous of your relationship

    3) he gave in too soon, and got caught..so lied

    4) he really knew it was her.

    go with your gut. either way, its not your friends problem to prove YOUR boyfriend is a cheater

  • OMG he's totally lying...he took the bait and didn't know what the hell to say for himself when confronted. What wouldve been even better is if she had got him to meet her and you walked up. CLASSIC!

  • Be careful with this. First of all if you suspect he is a cheater he probably is... But what makes you think he is cheating? Sometimes, setting a guy or gal up is not the real truth...

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