Is he flirting or not? (It's a long one but please read)

So there's this guy and he has a girlfriend at the moment (I think) and he seems to be quite into her cause his friends are teasing him and he spends a lot of time with her on breaks between classes and sh*t. Or at least he used to.

Anyway, they're together for less that 3 weeks I believe (and he's been missing school Because he was sick for around a week and they Haven't been seeing each other Because I heard him commenting on her not visiting him at all) and after he got back at school I hardly saw them hanging out together or being close to each other.

So, we had 5 hours of school but I didn't leave Because I was waiting for my friend... He was waiting for someone as well (probably his girlfriend but I'm not sure Because I left before he did) We were sitting inside in a kind of waiting room outside of the classrooms. At some point he stood up and started walking paraller to the walls. When he came to where I was sitting he went around me - walking really close to me like he was trying to draw a line around my body (I can't really explain it in English) I tried to not pay much attention to him but when he reached two other girls sitting inside as well I heard one of them say "why don't you do it like that with us too?" meaning why isn't he walking past them as close - though I wasn't looking so I don't know really... Then they started doing that thing with him so I stood up and went outside and spend my time playing on my phone.

I was sitting on top of a short wall that we have at my school and I was resting my head on some pillar beside the wall. After a while that guy came outside as well and sat on the other side of the pillar - so we'd be sitting next to each other if the pillar wasn't there. The whole place was empty Because we were in the middle of a period but he decided to sit there. Again I tried to not pay him much attention, looking at my phone and listening to music. But then he asked me something about my phone and it was actually the second time he was talking to me in two years; the first being while we were still inside the school where he asked me something about class and he was looking at me dead in the eye all while he was speaking (plus, he was completely serious which is weird Because he's more in the cheeky side) I tried to play it cool and answered simply; not going after the chance of having a conversation with him. I don't remember what happened after - I don't remember if he left or not but a bit later the bell rang and my friend came out so we left. I saw him later walking with his girlfriend and talking but what the actual f*ck? Could he have a girlfriend but still flirt with other girls? Plus, they are friends (at least they hang out together and around the same people) and the other day, even my friend was wondering how and why they started dating (she doesn't know about all this sh*t and she knows them since year 7and we’re in our last year now) and it was weird and awkward to have other people besides me questioning this relationship...


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  • the café incident can considered flirting, but the pillar convo not so much. I wouldn't want you to expect so much from this just yet as you said it has only been twice that he has talked to you in a few years. some guys do flirt when they have girlfriends, and vice verus. sometimes its harmless, sometimes it is. I suggest you chuck the deuces and not worry about him and the girlfriend because there is a guy some place better.


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