I broke up with my ex 2 years ago, she contacted me after no contact... For what?

My ex girlfriend contacted me after 2 years no contact ... She has a boyfriend what does she wants... This is a part of what she said ...hey long time Chris , just wanted to say hi, I hope everything is great, sorry for all the shit I put you threw, I'm completely different lol, major issues back then. but I just did wanna say hi OK. what are doing these days? I only use my Facebook for family, too much drama on here lol.

hope your doing well.

Joy... Then she said ...i am too, I hope your happy and with someone that makes you happy, I'm in a relationship right now, things are OK, work full time with my father now for 2.5 years and raising little man, you were a great friend to me for awhile and that's why I messaged you was to just apologize for all I did, and how I was shitty to a lot of ppl...joseph is doing well, he still gets angry at school LOL, suspended every once in awhile but at home he's wonderful, can you believe he's 8 years old now, time flies. so where you living in sauga?those new buildings that swirl lol? marilyn monroe building or something like that I heard hahaha, I'm in a great building, it looks identical to your last place by slots, same exact set up its so funny, its a rental condo. small but beautitful. I've just been trying to catch up with my girlfriends I Haven't seen in years so I'm excited to have my girlfriends around a lot now. so you still at working at the hospital... Then she said...well you seem well, I'm very glad to hear that, I hate erin mills area, ewwwwww. lol

u still hang with all your buddies? no more punching each other out hahahah jk. well I'm just working now so I will keep in touch as I can OK. I'm glad we got to clear things up, I always wanted too but didn't wanna disrespect who I'm seeing, you understand right, I'm totally differnt, same personality, just I am way more responsible, I drive now, just cleaned myself up big time, and I've lost the pure B**CH attitude, it got me nowhere lol, so I'm glad we spoke.


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  • It seems to me that she knows that she was a child back in the day, and knows how she hurt her feelings and just wanted to reach out to you to make the air "clean" again between the both of you.

    She may want to reconnect, she may not. Who knows. Just take it for what it is now, an apology for her stupidness that she caused back in the day. Other then that, if she contacts you moving forward, you can handle it which ever way you want. aka friends or nothing or w.e.

    I wouldn't suggest trying to get with her if she has a boyfriend right now, cause that will only complicate things for you. But if she's ever single, I'm sure she will come ask you out again.

  • She's probably attempting to make up for the damage she's done to you in the past


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