I need tactics to catch my boyfriend cheating? Ideas welcome!!

My boyfriend is friends with this girl, who I know from many reliable sources that they hang out ALONE plenty. I would actually be okay with this, except he has never mentioned her to me. I have actually seen them together too. I don't trust my boyfriend with her because she is very flirty and they have attraction between each other. She also dresses very provocatively. And there's nothing wrong with it, I'm sure she is a very nice girl, but nice people can do wrong things. My boyfriend has also cheated on some of his past girlfriends, although he tells me I'm different than them. I just need some good ideas to catch them in the act so I have concrete proof? I really love my boyfriend and I hope I'm wrong, but I also don't want to be with him if he isn't happy in our relationship. Thanks!


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  • The simple point of the question of you trying to catch him cheating is simple point that you don't trust him and you aren't comfortable with the relationship.

    Just walk away from the relationship because right now you sound a manipulative girlfriend who doesn't trust her boyfriend, if he cheated in the past he is bound to do it again.

    • Going back and reading, it does sound manipulative, which wasn't what I was trying to be. I guess I just want to find out if it's true without directly accusing him of it?

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    • I wouldn't call it manipulative.

      1) why has he never mentioned her to you?

      2) why is he spending that much time with her

      3) he is def having an emotional affair.

      He is in the wrong not you. He should be honest with you, and the time he is spending with her, should be spent with you. You deserve that much.

      You are wanting to know what's going on. Which you have every right to know where you stand. I'd approach him, and ask about her. He is manipulative, not you

    • Thanks for the BA, I hope everything worked out for you.

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  • I agree with Phoenix1991. You're talking about tactics. Sure he is in the wrong if he's cheating on you but you do sound manipulative. If he cheated on his ex, he will cheat on you. Don't think he'll be different for you. You don't trust him anymore and it will always be that way. Each time he goes out, you'll wonder what he's doing. You'll be overly jealous and it will ruin the relationship, it won't be healthy.

  • Why do you need to catch him? You don't trust him and without trust there can be no relationship so save yourself the time and effort and just break up.

  • if you think he's cheating LEAVE HIM don't be a dramatic bitch


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