If he loves me, why did he ask out another girl 2 days before we got back together?

We had been broken up for almost 3 months, but I had made a rule that so long as he was living with me he couldn't date anyone else. We got back together 2 days before he would have had to move out (I had also set a date that I expected him to move out). Apparently this girl he asked out said no, but now I wonder what if she had said yes, would he have moved out? He says he still loves me, so why would he ask someone else out right before we got back together?


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  • That sounds sketchy. If he wanted to make things right with you and stick it out, why bother asking out another girl? It kind of sounds like he was trying to find another option, maybe somewhere else he could go, but when that failed, just opted to go back to you for the sake of convenience. But everything I just speculated is just that: Speculation.

    I can't tell you what his motivation is. Maybe he's genuine. But from where I stand, that's a strange thing to do if you were always planning on staying with the girl you "love".

    You could always ask him why he asked that other girl out. Hear what he has to say.


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  • He may still love you, but it sounds like if you already had a date planned for him to move out, that he is just trying to keep his living quarters. I have this feeling that if she would have said yes, that he would have ran to her and started mooching off of her space. I could also be wrong. Sometimes it just takes us (both men and female) to realize what we have. Even if that means going to the extent of asking someone out and being rejected.

  • because you were a backup


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