Do guys tend to glance over at girls they like?

I have noticed that this guy glances over at me a lot if we are in a room together. If I am doing something or talking to my friends, he will look over a couple times. My friends have noticed him doing this. I know he Isn't just looking back at me.

We have talked a few times so we know each other!

If a guy looks over at a girl repeatedly, can that indicate interest?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Of course! But I also glance at a girl if there's just something about her that I find intriguing or interesting, like the people she hangs out with, or clothes etc. Or she's just attractive, but me glancing at her doesn't necessarily mean I'm attracted to her, it's just that she looks nice; for example her hair or clothing.

    So I would say the guy is interested in something about you, and quite possibly in you.


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  • yeah he is interested. most guys do stare at a girl they like, I do myself, to be fair though we can't help but look at something beautiful lol.


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  • they glance at everything because theya re horny


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