What happened, have I done something wrong?

I've been seeing this guys for about a month, initially all I wanted was no strings attached (I had just come out of a 3 year mentally abusive relationship and was not really for anything serious) however I never told him all I wanted was no strings, anyway it has developed into something more and he has told me he really likes about me and is willing to wait until I'm ready (this was two days ago) now we normally see each other every other day and if not we at least text one another, and I know this is going to sound childish but I haven't heard from him in two days (we had a minor argument to which I apologised and things went back to normal, I stayed over his made him dinner etc things were normal', then the day after no contact for two days) and it's made me super sad and realize just how much I do like him.., he is the absolute polar opposite of my ex and he worships me.

Btw we haven't had sex yet we have slept in the same bed numero times which is what Irefered to in the afore.

Sorry if the above is inarticulate I'm trying to include as much info as possibles, thanks :))))


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  • Mybe you are not showing interest?

    • Oh I definitely am, we are both very affectionate with each other I've told him I like him, I've slept over his place and he's been at mine etc

    • maybe he was expecting more than a sleptover, and he didn't get it... so he decided to move on?

    • i meant sleepover*

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