Should I bring my ex a gift?

Okay, so I broke up with my ex about 5 months ago. Shortly after we broke up, I left for exchange. He's talked to me every week/2 weeks while I've been away, but conversation is never that I depth, just telling me something that's going on, asking how I am etc.

I know he has the intention of us getting back together when I return home by the way he talks but I don't intend to do that unless he's willing to change (awful temper, selfish...) So, I know when I get back well probably meet up for coffee or something, should I bring him a gift back? Nothing big, just a key ring or candy or something...

I want to give him something but at the same time I feel like it's sending a message of 'more than friends' even though I'm doing this for all my other friends, what do you think?


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  • I wouldn't bring a gift. It's just not worth it if you meet and he's the same jackass he was before.

    • Touch?. In the long run, this is likely.

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  • No no no. Don't do it! He's an ex for a reason. A tiny gift won't magically transform his ways.


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