Do you think he still loved his ex girlfriend?

He didn't stop talking to his ex girlfriend until the middle of our relationship. I guess he got tired of me talking about her. He quit answering text messages and phone calls from her. He don't respond to her Facebook messages. Now that we are broken up he's gone back talking to her. why do you all think he stop talking to her all of a sudden?


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  • Mental anguish. I don't think he loves her but she definitely holds some sway over him. He's dependent and the ties that bind are strangling him. He wanted to move on, couldn't, still can't, and is probably condemned to this for a while longer.

    He'll likely think it's love, it's the only explanation that makes sense to young people, but it's probably just some sort of dependency as I said before. Perhaps not wanting to watch the investment crumble.

    • No I'm meaning in the middle of out relationship he quit talking to her. He would answer her calls and text and everything. When he got tired of hearing me about her he stopped talking to her. Now we are done he back seeing her and everything.

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    • I don't get it...if it's not love then what could it be? But they were dating for 3 years

    • That fits the profile perfectly. "Dependency" tends to form over longer bonds so yeah, they dated for 3 long years, and shared a lot, and invested a lot into one another. Their bond is not so weak as to break due to emotions fading or bad choices. Something tells me that their relationship has always held this ebb and flow and that you are just another crab in the tide.

      That is a horrible analogy.

  • like cromartie said, it's hard to say whether or not he still loves her but it is clear that she holds a special place in his heart and he may not have been entirely over her.


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