Need to act soon, may miss my chance over Thanksgiving break?

So school just let out for the Thanksgiving break. She said the simple "have a good thanksgiving" as I said bye to her. I really want to see her over the break...hopeful a date. I forgot to ask if she was doing anything over the break, that way I could bring it up and we could spend some time casually. I know she has a basketball game tonight, and I could go to that (may not even see her) but I told my dad that I probably wouldn't go and he said that "that's a smart decision" since we've had rain all day and it could be somewhat dangerous on the roads. I don't want to disappoint him but it's a chance to see her in person.

Anyways we don't text's been a few days. There's more back story I could tell, but I don't think it's needed. I'm working every lunch is my only free time (I may try to get out of it for a night) I feel like calling is just weird...but asking over text is chicken. I am a little shy though. I'm very mixed about this. All I know is that the sooner I act, the less awkward/random it is. What should I do? As of today it seemed like her interest might be slowing down...I really don't want to miss my chance. There's still time to go to the game though...
When and what to say when of call? "Hey how are you? Would you like to go out and eat with me at ___?" I mean tomorrow would be a little short notice, Thursday is thanksgiving, Friday would be Black Friday...might be a lot I people out that night regardless. An Saturday is kinda far away. I work each night, I'm going to try and get out of it for a night...maybe text her tonight so how her game went, and what her Thanksgiving plans are...then call the next day?


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  • Definitely call her! It's different (somewhat) and more bold. I'm sure she'd appreciate it. :)

  • call her don't miss out on an opportunity!

    • Update, I know you can't schedule for me...what's the best way in terms of giving her notice and not having too much time inbetween?

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