I'm having dreams about my ex, is that weird?

We broke up more then two years ago and since we broke up I have had the odd dream about him but lately I've been having them a bit more often and they are really vivid and all about getting back together with him. I've moved on from him in a long term relationship and I wouldn't get back together with him, but these dreams are making me miss him and I wake up disappointed that they are not true. My ex was my first love and I know I'll never get over him fully.

What do you think they mean?

Am I the only one that get these?


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  • Maybe this will help

    Google search: jennyallenn.hubpages What-Does-It-Mean-When-You-Dream-About-Someone-You-Know (first site on the list)

    What does it mean when you dream about someone you are in love with or used to be deeply in love with?

    More often than not the person you love being in your dream may well be an indication of your current passion level for life. When there some kind of urgent situation with your loved one it indicates that your life vitality is losing strength. If ever you discover your loved one with someone else this means you don’t feel like you're as passionate about your daily existence as those that you're around. Always be mindful to never misinterpret a dream about your mates unfaithfulness to indicate they are being unfaithful or want to in real life. Often times dreams appear to be extraordinarily real and stir up real life feelings that are out of context. Keep a dream log with very specific details. Make an effort to recollect where you were, what were people wearing, what time of day was it, What objects do you remember etc.


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