Girls, in general how easy is it for you to get over a guy after breaking up?

I know it depends on how long you were together and other factors, but are you able to just forget about the guy right away and move on as if it never happened? Or do you find yourself thinking about him a lot for days after, etc. Basically how easy is it for you to block him out of your mind and start new after the breakup.


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  • no, it's not easy..i'm going through a break-up right now and it's hard as hell...blocking him out and starting a new relationship just does not feel right and will only cause more pain, only time can heal the wounds before you can move on, but for now he's still in my heart.

    • ditto, but once some time has passed 4 to 6 months, you hea land move on, especially if he was a cheating bastard, not worth my tears

    • my road to recovery is not counting the days, weeks or months its more about being true to myself and having the faith and strength to keep going in a positive way...despite what happened I forgive and still love him because that is who I am and if I'm lucky to find someone else it will be of clear mind

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  • It is hard I was not even with my ex for very long at all and he broke up with me for another woman and we did not even have physical sexual relations yet and I still think about him from time to time.

  • 3 months tops


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