I love a guy and he loves me back but we can never be together.

Ok so I had a crush on this guy since forever and 2 weeks ago he sent my a love note he as sent my one ever single day. I am really scared that he will ask me out. My parents don't allow me to date. If he asks my out I am to a point were I would just say yes no matter what. I talked to my mom about dating and she was like no dating no no no. I really like him.


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  • Forbidden relationships and love is the sexiest of all. I would go for it, you're young and you might as well make mistakes and have fun right now. If you like him, don't let the disapproval of your mother get in the way. Just be responsible but make sure that if he does ask you out, you tell him how your mother does not want you to date. If he accepts it and you want to go out with him, just do it. You don't want to regret a moment like this. Who knows, you might end up marrying him in the future and you guys grow old and you will look back and say "man, I'm glad I went behind my mother's back to date you"


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  • You're passing love notes in high school and you're still a teenager. You're not in love.

    To love someone, you have to truly know this person and everything about them, from their strengths to their weaknesses, and you have to know that you can tolerate and even enjoy some of their most annoying traits. You're not even dating the guy, so you really don't know him to the core like you need to in order to love someone.

    Your problem is the same as many other 16-17 year old girls your age...your parents aren't letting you date. My advice, enjoy being a kid. Relationships and dating is stressful and you have all the time in the world, especially through college, to focus on guys and love. For now, enjoy friends, high school, and the least stressful years of your life.


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