Why is he avoiding me?

I was at a ladies night and all of a sudden I was bombarded with questions and comments to why I wasn't married.. I told my boyfriend so I could vent because I was upset. At the end he got mad at me and we had a fight. Next thing I know after the fight, we had dinner and ended up sitting silently together for 3 hours. He fell asleep, he never gave me that back massage I so needed, didn't take me out as he planned and as for my doctor appointment I had to go to, he was sleeping and didn't go with me.

Now he's aavoiding me, he knows I'm hurt and I have tried to make conversation with him, about what happened and how I am there for him, but he keeps saying he's busy at work and never gets back to me.

Is he avoiding me because he feels guilty that he hurt me? Or he's just trying to be a jerk so I can run after him


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  • My guess is he is hurt because in your fight he felt less of a man. By all your friends bombarding you with those questions he feels that he should have maybe pooped the question but he wants to be ready to do it.

    Somehow you hurt him you have to ask why he is hurt because there was a nerve touched during your fight.

    Hope this helps

    • so at the end of the day, were both hurt and that's why he's avoiding me

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    • I tried talking to him but he just kept avoiding me

    • Keep trying but do it in front of him so he can't avoid you forever

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