I'm feeling really scared right now?

I met a girl six years ago. I thought she was very attractive at a Halloween party. But then I found out she was engaged.

The guy she going to be married to was a cool guy at the time so I became his friend too.

Years have passed and now they are divorced. I saw them at the beginning of last year after not talking or seeing them for years. They were still together at that time but I felt that there marriage was ending.

She was really in awe of my karaoke singing right in front of her almost ex husband.

Time has passed since there separation and now she has my number again. She is showing a lot of interest in me.

She is blond and beautiful like a modem day Marilyn Monroe.

I am frightened by her beauty cause its just intimidating.

Dont get me wrong, I have had beautiful women in my life. The last girl I actually fell head over heels for looks a lot like her. But that girl is the last girl I have ever felt feelings at all which was last summer. She was a girl that seduced me then confused me then pretended to move out of state but then decided not to but jut go on a road trip across the country, then to have a dork move up to Alaska for her and fall in love.

This girl looks like her. Her admiration makes me feel great but I know that those feelings don't last. I know that looks aren't everything. I know that sleeping with a beautiful woman for one night and never calling her again is just like a heroin addiction that wears off eventually.

And she has a kid! Would I just sleep with this girl and not care about this kid? I've been an ass hole many times in my life! Why go back to being an a**hole?

Should I just tell her upfront, "Hey, I don't want to get into anything serious if I am not sure of yet. How about we just chill and see what nature brings us to and not dive for it? It may only destroy our souls in the end?"

How should I go about it? What would you do? Or what would you like to hear if you were the girl?


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  • I think you should just tell her up front


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  • You have to prepare yourself for the worst in any situations like this. Give it your best but have a clear and sound mind to make the correct decisions if something goes wrong.

  • don't shoplift the pootie. Unless you're prepared to be a dad to a kid that isn't yours in the future, you may want to leave her alone


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