Gag,have you ever re-contacted an ex who dumped you and then regretted it ?

what was your experience ? and did you hate yourself for trying ? or saw that it was a brave move to help you move forward without regrets of missing a chance ?


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  • Yes. I always seem to regret it but I think the main issue is closure. I'm usually the "dumper" so I don't have much experience with contacting someone who broke up with me. Usually I make a decision that those kinds of people obviously don't want me and I'm not going to push it because there are other fish in the sea. My main issue is contacting exes in general. It's mostly because I want to be though highly of, like I don't have any harsh feelings and I don't want them to have any harsh feeling towards me either no matter what went down during our relationship. Sure, there are some I don't ever want to talk to again. Even friends that I haven't spoken to in years because of some feud of sorts randomly pop into my head and I get too curious to just see how they're doing. It usually always ends badly. Even now, I keep in contact with one of my exes even though we broke up well over three or four years ago and I am in a happy current long term relationship with someone else. It's obvious we don't see eye to eye but sometimes it's just nice to talk to someone you've known for a long time.


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