Male help read this guy please?

This guy pursued me by mild flirting, before eventually asking me out several months later. We dated for a short period until he said that he thought he was ready for a relationship, but realized he wasn't ready emotionally or in the head for a relationship as every previous girlfriend had hurt him after he had put everything into the relationship, so he was scared of getting hurt

he told me he really liked me, but could only offer me friendship right now. Plus I had a pregnancy scare, which also freaked him out a bit and reinforced the feeling he wasn't ready yet.

for the next three months he stopped texting and calling me and would ignore my texts. When he saw me he would still flirt a little, tease me, smile etc and got jealous when I mentioned another guy to him.

Since we split his best friend has started talking to me and being nice, and will laugh and smile at us both if the guy I like teases and jokes with me.

I have text him telling him I'm willing to wait a while as I've been hurt by my ex. I told him to tell me if he wants to keep his options open and doesn't see a future with me one day, to not make me wait for no reason and I will walk away, but he wouldn't reply and give me an answer, making me think he wants me to wait and keep me around.

He is a genuine honest guy and says he needs to stay single as he isn't ready, and reassured me he was staying single when another guy was making lies up as he was jealous of us, saying the guy I like was seeing someone else when he wasnt.

over the past month he has started to get shy around me again, and calling me darls and darling again like he use to. I text him last week and he actually replied, the first time in months, nothing flirty, but he replied.

Will this guy come around and want a relationship with me one day, as I'm confused. And are his recent actions and change in behaviour a good sign that he maybe feeling more ready for something?

My gut feeling says he's the one, but so unsure how he feels or what he wants. it doesn't help that he won't communicate his feelings with me, as he isn't ready.

feel like he is distancing himself to prevent us both getting hurt and because he isn't ready, likes me, doesn't want to lose me, so keeps me intetested, but isn't ready to go the distance with a relationship yet.

Any views from guys please?!?


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  • I think he wants you back, however he isn't sure how he should express it. Especially with his history and the silent break he had before that.

    The silence is actually him not being sure what he wants, just distancing himself from you and the situation to pretent for himself that there is nothing going on and thus he doesn't have to make a decision.

    However that didn't work for him, especially since you texted him and thus he had to make a decision for himself. He now decided that he does indeed like you, however he doesn't know how to show his affection.

    I know that what I'm going to say now is kinda of controverse. But I really think you should ask him out. Like on a date :)

    • Thanks, hope your right!

      just concerned I maybe mis-reading his mild flirting and seemingly being shy and teasing etc as him just being nice and friendly. Him texting me I suppose is a good sign, as he would always ignore my texts in the past. He knows I like him and knows I want a relationship with him, so sure a guy would avoid flirting or being nice not to lead a girl on.

      His b'day is next wk, so will say if he ever wants to go for a drink to ask me. What would it mean if he ignores that?

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    • Thanks - this is exactly what I thought, but worried it isn't true!

      Sorry to be a pain, but are you sure that he's not just trying to keep me around just as a friend and nothing more? I think if he only wanted just friends he wouldn't have told me months ago 'I can only offer you friendship right now' and would have told me bluntly that he wanted friends and nothing more! Plus if he wanted just friends he would have been replying to my texts and not distancing himself?

    • You are correct about it all. Especially from your description of him, I can certainly see that he's a nice guy that values you for who you really are. Not the type to keep you around if he's not interested.

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