I really really need advice. I've never liked anyone THIS much before.

So I'll try to make this as short as possible because I know itll be long. I met this guy a month ago at a party and we hit it off and exchanged numbers. From that day on, he texted me every day. The following week we hung out with groups of people watching movies almost every day (we are in college btw) and we would cuddle and such. Fast forward to the weekend and we still hung out. and this was how it was for about three weeks. Then I don't know this past week he didn't text me everyday and I had to text him first, and all of a sudden it seemed as if he wasn't interested in me..we just went on break and he didn't bother to see me before we left. I asked a mutual friend if he said anything and they said he likes you and is willing to not hook up with anyone else during break if that's what you wanted. So I ended up texting him saying to talk before we left on break and I said I wasn't looking for a relationship at the moment but I would be willing to get to know him more and see what happens when we get back to school (visiting over break isn't an option and its 8 weeks btw) but I think he was so focused on the not wanting a relationship he didn't hear that I was still interested. I really like this guy more than anything other guy I have been with and I don't know what to do..i know if I want to talk to him Ill have to put in the effort or else he's not going to text me (I have no reason why) if I do put in the effort, can I still save this? Guys if you were him, but the girl is trying to continuously reach out and show interest would you come back? I know he still has some kind of feelings for me, but probably not as strong as when we first met.


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  • Having a serious talk by text is not a good idea. It would be better if you could talk to him on the phone at least. It may also be a good idea to take the break and not talk to him. When you get back from break you could explain that you were interested.

    It's too late now but I think it's a bad idea to tell a guy you're not looking for a relationship unless it's true. Instead you should've said you wanted to take things slow. Don't ask him to be monogamous at this point since it's rocky. You should go out on other dates too. Don't put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. I don't mean to go sleeping around either.

    • Oh my fault I actually had the talk in person but it was like half an hour before he left..so should I just leave it? I'm usually able to drop a guy easily, but I don't know why I'm having such a hard time letting him go..i don't know. So there's pretty much nothing I can do?

    • I just think you should leave things for awhile. Maybe get past Thanksgiving and call or text next week. Ask him how his Thanksgiving was and be casual. You may have to take it slow to get back in again.

    • okay thank you so much

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  • When us guys first meet girls who we like we love talking to you and getting to know you but after awhile of getting to know you conversations aren't as exciting and talking to you isn't as fun so we aren't as motivated to talk to you all the time. So you shouldn't worry about that part that's completely natural, just do your part and try to keep your texts entertaining. Whenever you guys first got together you guys did things that normal couples do and from his point of view he thought you guys were a couple soon to be so whenever you hit him with the whole you don't want a relationship he probably thought you basically friendzoned him and that you didn't want to date h at all. So now he doesn't see you as a potential gIrlfriend but instead as just a friend. So he's even less motivated to talk to you now and might even go out and find another girl. But if I was you I would just tell him how you feel about h and ask him if eventually he'd want a relationship with you which he probably does. But I wouldn't worry about you screwing anything up with him just tell him how you feel and clear up about what you want with yalls relationship so he understands. Good luck

    • Would you suggest I text him then? Because I still really want him..like how should I go abou this? Also keep in mind I won't see him for right weeks so..

  • it seems to me (and perhaps you just didn't mention it) but there needs to be some progession in the relationship. After a few weeks of cuddling if I were a guy I would want to sort of have some sort of conversation about where things would be going. It seems clear that he likes you and is willing to move slow but at some point I'd wonder, "does she just want a cuddle buddy".

    If you aren't ready for a relationship then you may need to put a stop to cuddling as it may give mixed signals. IF you are interested or ready for getting into a relationship then you or him need to broach a conversation about how you two feel about each other.

    I think eh "would come back" if you showed interest but it is a mutual thing too. He needs to give you some idea of what he wants as do you at the very least so going forward you two have an understanding of where each other is at

    • Okay I mean it's way passed cuddling..and I was the one who instigated the conversation where we were going and idk..what do I do from this point? Can I still save it?

    • maybe just call him over the break. if he's available maybe you two can catch up for a bit if not you can leave him a nice message wishing him a good break, maybe mention that you can't wait to see him again, etc

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  • Spill your heart out to him


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