How to get her attention?

So the girl I like, we were really close and both liked each other she sat next to me in class then one day the teacher moves her. one week later we barely talk anymore, she doesn't look at me the same, and I miss being around her. Sense the teacher moved her, she skips the class often (she never skipped when she sat next to me), both our grades went down, and I talked to the teacher about trying to move me by her up front and she says I can't get moved forward because there is no room but she will see what she can do Monday. I see the girl I like in the hall talking to her friends and I feel as if she forgot all about me. I want to gain her attention and get that spark we had back. I know there are more fish in the sea and all that but I don't care. I really like her and I KNOW we had something. I just need to gain her attention back. Can I please get some suggestions?


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  • I know a girl who spoke to an instructor to get moved away from a guy that was coming on too strong.

    I think you need to leave her alone. If she was interested in 'sparks' she would make the time for you outside of class. Instead she is ignoring you and politely making it clear she isn't interested. Leave her alone.

    • I got her seat back, I started talking to her again, and now we are dating. So no, I WASN'T coming on too strong and if I would have "left her alone" I wouldn't be with her right now.

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