Is it possible to be too busy for boyfriend/girlfriend?

So my boyfriend and I haven't talking that much. This has been going on for maybe a little over a month. We barely communicate. I most ly get one to two words out of him. I'm trying to be undllrstanding, considering how he works more now , how he's always ( or so he tells me) on the go. How he has so much to stress about ( school and work, doctor bills, moving, etc).

I feel a little selfish because I wish that I had a bit more attention from him. we barely and don't see each at all. I feel bad for thinking that if he really wanted to spending time with/ talk to me, he would . That I wish that he check up on me, see what's going on with me.

Then again, I feel like he's using all of that as a excuse. I have brought up taking a break or just breaking up, but He didn't want tpoto. So idk. I do care about everything that's going and and am. trying my best to be. there, but its hard because he's not really talking to me.
Okay so now I'm not sure. I talked to him and mentioned all of this plus more to him. He apologized for neglecting me, said that he did want to work it out, but he accepts. my decision. I feel bad bad because he kept saying that he was tired, which is the reason for the lack of communications. I feel bad that he just accepted it. I mean, I don't expect him him to all dramatic and heroic, trying to fighting for me like you see in movies. I just expected him to try. I'm confused, it told him that
That he says one thing and his actions say another.


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  • Neither one of you is wrong. If you need more time in the relationship you are in there's nothing wrong with that. But you may need to find someone that needs the same thing. He sounds content to have a very little contact.

    You can try to talk about this and compromise. Like you need one date night a week and one text or phone call a day or something. It's not a lot but it's something he should have time for. If he can't do that then you need to learn to live with this behavior or break up.

    • He just accepted in because he's been waiting for you to break up with him. He doesn't want to date you but he won't actually say it. Actions speak louder than words and he barely communicates anyway.

      You're going to hurt but you need to let him go.

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    • I'm sorry. It doesn't matter how it happens break ups always hurt.

    • No reason to be sorry. Ill be okay. I just to occupy myself . I. But thank you

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  • A guy who was into you would make every effort to be with you, and no way would he accept that he is to busy for that, so this guy is not making the right efforts towards you and you have a right to feel neglected, because he really should be showing you how much you mean to him, but he's not, so really, this tells me he's not all that into you like he is making out he is, otherwise he would show you regardless of work. No guy gets to busy where he can't have time for her,x


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  • I'm in a similiar situation.. Except I'm only seeing this guy. He had made me feel on top of the world when we first started.. and made an effort to text/call me when he could.. I became emotionally attached. After we had an argument about trust issues (him not trusting me having guy friends), he started distancing himself and saying his life is too busy with his life to worry about me and his trust issues with me. But won't tell me directly he wants to end what we have. He works pretty much 3 jobs..

  • Meh.. just be his friend instead of trying to date someone who has no time for you. You don't deserve that.


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