This guy's really persistent and suddenly he disappeared. What gives?

There's this guy I met a little over A week ago. We hit it off from the very beginning, and since we worked closely together, we hung out even after work, which I don't think he does with anyone else, since he's a self-admitted introvert. Almost from the beginning, he already expressed his interest in me, and he'd text me regularly, either in the morning or at night.

I had to go back home for a few days, and I'm a bit surprised and disappointed that he hasn't texted as frequently as he did before when we were still together. What gives? Does that mean he's not into me as he seemed or is there possibly another reason why he's not getting in contact with me? He seemed happy that I'll be back there in a few days' time, but I don't get why he isn't as communicative as he was before. He's a soldier, so I don't know if that plays a role.


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  • from personal experience, if he continues to be hot and cold with you, he's not worth your time. after I had a bad incident with a guy going hardcore hot and cold on me (and me trying endlessly to make it work), I just stopped and then about 2 months later I found my current boyfriend who was consistently affectionate, never hot and cold, he didn't confuse me or cause me unnecessary stress or pain - he did anything to stop it

    honestly, hot and cold guys aren't worth the time of day - I believe they mostly do it for quick gratification in seeing the girl want to talk to him after him going m.i.a. on them

    but it also could be he is super busy with family, or something came up

    again, only take what I said if he really continues to go hot and cold - you'll know when he's not worth your time if he causes you unnecessarily stress all the time because you don't deserve that, no girl does.

    hopefully I'm wrong about him being hot and cold and something just came up that is taking up his time. good luck(:

    • Thank you so much for this. I've gotten involved with hot and cold guys in the past, and the feelings that went then were definitely not worth it. I hope this isn't the case this time though, because the guy seems really sweet and nice.

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  • Maybe he would message you so he could eventually meet you and now that you're too far away he can't meet you so he doesn't have a reason to message you! Basically I don't think this is all too great cause you kind of want to make contact with someone you're interested in no matter what but when my boyfriend doesn't text me and I ask him why sometimes he says 'I'm busy today... we can't meet'. Strange but true..

    • Could be true. Still, I wish we could've worked this out.

  • just wait till you are back again and see his reaction , cause there might be another reason he is not being communicative as before

    • what do you think the reason would be in this case cause I'm interested? ...

    • Yeah, good advice. He seemed excited he'll get to see me again and he mentioned that he misses me, but I don't know.

    • maybe his mobile is being taken at times if he in army , or he is not allowed to use it as often

  • i guess you rejected him one to many times?


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