I just want to move on already!

I can't get over my ex boyfriend. We were together for a year and it'll be a year since we broke up at the end of Feb. I cut contact after we broke up but he kept coming back into my life. He always came back saying he missed me and wished were still together but then he'd either find some else or be with someone while telling me these things. Distance was our biggest problem since we lived several states away.

He came back in my life a couple months ago but basically did the same crap. I finally kicked him out for good, removing him from everything and luckily he hasn't contacted me since. I don't think he will this time, but my problem is I can't get over him. I want to get over him so bad but I don't want to start online dating. ( did that it doesn't work) I have a hard time meeting guys and as for friends I don't really have any. I throw myself into work and hobbies but nothing seems to work. He moves on like its nothing and I'm sitting here all pathetic. He's had 3 girls after me and I've had no one. How can I move on from him?


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  • I think the problem is you haven't been able to have enough time to get over him entirely. despite having broken up a year ago he's been in and out of your life. so emotionally you start to move on and then fall back and because he may tell you things will be different you allow yourself to reconsider the relationship.

    I don't think you should date yet. I think you need to really just allow yourself to move forward. As I always say when it comes to moving on, you need to simply lean on friends, family and loved ones. Re-assert your independence and once you've done that you'll find that you can see yourself with someone.

    the fact that he's "had" three girls doesn't really mean much. He could simply be rebounding with them, he could be just filling a void, but you are you and since he doesn't seem all that genuine in his actions over the past year it doesn't surprise me that he would have been with people.

    Simply focus on you, really really avoid all contact with him.


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  • A) go to bar

    B) down several shots of tequila

    C) dance like it's your last night on earth

    D) attract young penis

    E) take him home and have him insert it over and over

    F) if he is still cute in the morning text him. If not kick him out.

    You will be over him, if not lather rinse repeat.



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  • I feel you 100%! It's like, it's so easy for him to just move from person to person to you and back to someone else and here we are just stuck, moping around hoping for some sort of miracle.

    The miracle never happens.

    Finally we tell ourselves to pick up the pieces, but we don't know where to start. What I found helped me was, drinking, learning to laugh, kissing who I wanted, dancing where ever I wanted, bathing in compliments from lecherous old men. I just enjoyed life and while, I still am very hesitant on moving to someone else, I find my heart is healing quite nice, So whenever someone important does come along, I am ready for them.


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