Can my baby daddy take my son?

I'm going through a hard time just thinking too much, I have a 3month little boy, well one day before went on labor my baby daddy got into trouble and is now locked up he'll be out in a month, the problem is since the day he found out our son was born he been upset because I didn't got him circumcised, before he was born that was our plan but when the day came I was scared about it, he was so little but thank god he came healthy, when he found out I didn't got it done he broke up with me through a letter but then we got back together I thought he was over it but its seems like he's not, it been almost 3 weeks since he haven't write to me because he mad about it, that's all he been caring about since he been locked up, I don't know what too do I think it best for me to break up he's just forcing me to do something I don't want to do to my son, he asks for the baby but not for me, the problem is that he told me 'when he gets out he's going take my baby too get circumcised, can he do that if I don't approval to it and if he's not on the birth certificate, I'm scared also that he'll try too take my son when he's out I know he's going bring problems, I Need Help, Please?


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  • You know what? I hope he does take him because even though he's in jail, he still seems like a more responsible parent.

    You're not going to get a procedure done that could improve his health because you're too scared to get it done? Really? If you don't get that boy circumcised it could lead to all sorts of infections. Your "baby daddy" (I hate that term, since when is it OK to raise a kid with a broken family) should be angry. You said you were going to do it and you didn't.

    So do the right thing, get your kid circumcised and ffs, let his dad be a dad.

    • You need to research the matter more. Circumcision does not protect against disease. And an uncircumcised penis is truly not at an incredibly high risk of infection.

    • And you need to comprehend comments more, he said infection NOT disease. An uncircumcised penis is more prone because bacteria can get under the foreskin. "incredibly high" no but more significant. While we are at it they are overlapping terms, because infection can and almost does lead to a disease so you are wrong.

    • I am aware of what he said, Traxxus. But because I am also aware of how many people seem to confuse the two terms, I responded to both. Yes, there is a slight increase in potential infection, but cleaning is very simple. I do not see how surgically removing a piece of someone's body before they can make the decision for themselves is wise, especially since there are no major benefits.

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  • OMG ! , You need help to sort things out , A volunteer anti violence woman's group , ask the cops , I'm sure they can direct you to the right place. Madame

  • Trojan condoms stock just went up. Buy them, use them. Please.


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  • You know there are some really wonderful adult couples who would love and cherish the opportunity to have a child. Think about adaption as I don't see much of a future for this little guy at the present time.

  • He cannot take the son if his name is not on the birth certificate, he had to sign it the day he was born to have rights, of course you can fix that together but that's a different process.

    I think you should educate him on circumcision maybe give him some information on it so he can see your point of view on it. The number one influence on circumcision is baby should be like dad...even though there aren't any kids who want to stare at their fathers junk..haha.

    personally he doesn't sound like to good a guy mine as well leave him now before you get deaper in his crap


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