Ex boyfriend tried to kiss me! Help?

Okay long story short I ended things with my ex because he was taking me for granted/wasnt putting in half as much effort as I was.

We dated for 8 months and have been apart for 2.

Since the break up we initially didn't speak too much - but in the last month he has been messaging/calling me almost everyday - He will always be the one to initiate. While most times its very general conversation, he will tell me important things going on in his life or sometimes bring up memories of our relationship.

Recently we have both been at the same social gatherings. The first we just went to go speak for a bit alone and he told me that he had realized how much effort I put in and how little he did.

The most recent time I saw him, he was trying to kiss me. He said he doesn't want anything else (as in anything sexually) he just wants to kiss me. I told him I don't want to be some casual thing for him, and he told me that I would never ever be.

I didn't give in because I am too scared to get hurt again

Why is he doing this?


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  • he regrets what a douche bag he was and wants you back


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