Can I have some advice? I don't understand what my ex wants.

Start of September, we applied for a house together because we had been dating for over a year. Everything was fine, He had to go away on the 24th of sept for work.

We had a fight early sept, as he said he had no interest in staying for my birthday - which upset me and I jokingly asked a friend (my friend) that worked with my boyfriend - if he wanted to come over for my birthday, he sorted hinted at me for a fuck - but ofcourse I never liked him and never would have.

leading up to my boyfriend going away - we spent the whole 3 weeks together, on the weekends he would drive out to my parents place (4 hours away) and spent the weekend there with me. on the second weekend at my parents place - we had another huge fight, and I told him I was done, I would stay here and he could leave - he came back like an hour later asking me to return with him and give it another chance, so ofcourse I gave in and did, spend the week together and drove out to my parents again ( 3rd weekend - he broke up with me, saying he didn't want to be with me anymore) he drove away and left me there and I tried to call him, but he never answered and he left on his 4 week work away, without even talking to me, during the 4 weeks, he didn't reach out to me once, didn't call on my birthday. nothing!

The day he got back, he called me - letting me know he was back. I took that as a sign he wanted to work things out, because if he hadn't of told me, I wouldn't have known.

He came back on the 25th oct, and I meet up with him on the 26th and we spent everyday together, until I finally left on the 18th Nov. the first 3ish weeks, he would take me out to dinner, hold my hand, cuddle me - if we had little arguments would come back with a small stuff.

However he would still straight out tell me, he didn't want to get back together as he didn't like me anymore, so I had enough and left. he told me not to talk to him again, so I changed my number on the Friday, made a new Facebook - didn't contact him - about 3 days of no contact, he hacks into my fb account using my Hotmail account (never changed the password) and has a go at me about talking to certain people and wants to talk. I didn't reply, instead I went to bed and let 24 hours pass and try and talk to him, and he gives me the same old I don't want to be with you, I don't want to talk to you.

Tuesday I start no contact again, and last night - he's using my old fb to look at what I'm doing, so I contact him and tell him, do not go into any of my emails or Facebooks again! and he wanted to have like an hour text session, which he tells me again he doesn't want to be with me EVER.

I don't fight him on this, I don't contact him, I don't look at his Facebook ever, as I blocked him.

So why is he constantly saying leaving me alone then checking up on me? He's so angry, but why? I tried to fix us, he didn't want it.

- he said he broke up with me over asking the other guy over because everyone at work knows.


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  • This is a controlling a**hole. He wants to be in charge, so he's constantly trying to manipulate you with these get backs and break ups. Now that you told him to fuck off, he's furious that he isn't in control anymore, which is why he's using your email and Facebook page. He hates the fact that you're your own person now and is desperately trying to regain power over you.

    You need to completely block him out of your life. Change all your emails and social media passwords or even delete them altogether, so he has zero access to you and your life.

    If he starts stalking you in real life, get some friends to back you up, preferably the meaty looking scary types.

    Make sure you let your parents know he is not welcome, in case he tries to show up on their doorstep with a sob story.


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  • he needed an excuse,he is a douche and a narcissist, trying to manipulate u,change all ypour passwords and never speak to the bitch ass again

  • Sounds like an idiot.


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