I feel like this girl used me?

I feel like this girl used me ?.

I met this girl and she broke up with her boyfriend 3 months ago.

She told he used to be nasty to her, telling her he can have better looking girls.

I was talking to her, and told he must be blind because you are very pretty.

I must say I hate guys who take all confidence out of their gf.

I would to take her out on a date, when she's healed and she gave her number.

Then she started kissing me, and she told me to call her and she seemed really interested.

So I called her, and she seemed to not want to know, she told me to call her again sometime.

I diden't know if she wasen't ready so I waited a week, and she told me that she told her ex about me and that he said sorry and they decided to get back together.

So I feel a bit used.


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  • How immature for your age group. She was clearly looking for attention from her ex and unfortunately you were there at the time as bait. I wouldn't believe what she told you about him to be honest. This happens in life even to guys. Learn from it and leave her to be left single which she will be.

    • Put her down to an error of judement, a mistake! and we all make em! Just be wise and don't repeat! There's more to a person then exterior!

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  • she probably did get over it


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  • The next time you are chatting it up with a girl and she prematurely begins to disclose the details of her previous relationship and/or the negative impact that her ex-boyfriend has on her, my good man, I suggest you run for the hills. Do not take her number; do not get involved with her.

    She is venting to you, a potential partner, which means she is not over their relationship, therefore, she needs more time to heal from the breakup, etc. It's a classic sign that someone is emotionally fragile and incapable of wholeheartedly investing in a new relationship.

    My surmise is that she likes you and became caught up in the moment as you complimented her, which boosted her self-esteem and outlook. I think she had every intention of getting to know you when she gave you her number, but she decided against it once she realized she is not ready to move on from her ex.

    I don't think she used, guy. I think she simply chose to go with her heart in the end.


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