Need my stuff that I left at ex boyfriends but we are doing no contact?

Me and my ex broke up a little while ago and are doing no contact atm. I have lots of stuff at his house that I do need back. I don't want to be the first one to contact him but it doesn't look like he will contact me anytime soon. I just want everything to be over between us so I can move on. It's hard to do so, knowing I still have to meet him to collect my stuff and he has to collect them from my house to.

How do I proceed?


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  • Call him, tell him you want your stuff back. It's unpleasant and painful, but if you really do need that stuff, then the sooner you deal with it, the sooner the both of you can move on.

    • i texted him saying I'm thinking about collecting my stuff from his house and telling him to let me know when its a good time to do so. He still hasn't replied? I texted him about 18 hours ago... Why wouldn't he respond? He always texts back...

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    • Why would I threaten him with police? I now know he is definitely ignoring me as he just replied to my friend..

    • Because you have a legal right to your stuff. Sometimes you have to threaten to wake people up.

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  • All these stupid rules. CALL AND GET YOUR STUFF BACK!

  • call hij and tell him you are entitled to your belongings and that you will come to pick them up


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