I made a mistake, is there anything I can do?

I have this friend that I like and actually she used to be an ex. We broke up 5 years ago and it was brief so it wasn't a significant relationship. Anyway she came back into my life and we talked and hung out quite a bit and kept boundries so everything was good.

One day things went past those boundries and I my feelings came flooding back. I kept my mouth shut although she probably knew. We went past those boundries a few more times and did everything but sex.

I wanted to tell her how I feel but the previous day I found out a few things that got me upset and I took it out on her.( I found on another ex of mine more recent just got engaged). So I met up with her upset I told her how I feel and because of that I couldn't be friends with her so I cut her out. I didn't mean to cut her out. I didn't mean to cut her out I just wanted to tell her how I feel and get it off my chest.

FYI she said when we hung out she broke up with her boyfriend and is not looking to get together with anyone any time soon. She also said I'm more than a friend to her and when we fooled around she slowed it down because she doesn't want me to be a rebound. I MADE A MISTAKE, what should I do. Is she interested and just didn't want me to push.


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  • Tell her you made a mistake.

    If you guys are friends then that means you care about each others feelings, right? So you should own up to your mistake and apologize and she should understand that mistakes happen and accept your apology.

    I think that you should worry about how she's interested in you later - work on one problem at a time.

    Good luck.


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  • Just be casual.

  • no just leave it alone

  • just be cool about it and don't bring it up

    • we don't have mutual friends and I said I didn't want to be friends, I don't get your answer

    • im so sorry I answered the wrong question!

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