What is up with this hot girl I work with?

I like this girl, but I can't tell what is up with her at all. We work together and when we first met she was pretty shy. The first time I stopped her to talk she blushed hardcore (still does) and could barely spit a word out. Some how we have seemed to match up routines so that we run into each other in the morning and walk and talk. First it was going to the break room at the same time to drop off our lunches, now it's arriving at the same time each morning, meeting in the lobby, riding the elevator up together and talking. I'm not sure how, who, or when this started exactly, but it happens 2-3 times a week. The thing is she will flirt with my buddies in front of me and when I'm not around. I"ve seen her flirt with my friend in front of me, but she will watch me while she does this. I don't understand the flirting with my friends while I'm not around part.

Now it's complicated because she has a boyfriend…I know I know..stay away right? So, I will sometimes switch up my routine on her so I don't see her as much and I can def tell that that bothers her big time. She will go looking for me and wonder why I've gone missing. Like she will find excuses to come back into my department. Last week, I didn't see her for our morning arrival time all week, and she drove around the back way were I park to check on me I'm for sure., she has never done this.

I don't really know what is going on with this girl? I feel like sometimes we are just friends, but then other times more.


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  • Girls with boyfriends will flirt with everyone. Their confidence is high and they know that they have nothing to lose since they can always come back home to their boyfriends.

  • she is playing you. girls are natural flirts and love attention.


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