Does my ex seem like he likes me again?

This is the same ex I mentioned in my last question. These events began soon after I posted it. We started to play tennis together at night. It was the first time in a while that it was just the two of us and we just talked a lot and enjoyed each others company. We were mainly sharing interests, catching up on the past year that we hadn't seen each other at all, and ranting about things that were bothering us. After the first time, he was sick a few days. The day he got back, he asked me if I wanted to go play tennis again and was willing to reschedule if it didn't work out, but only if I wanted to. I agreed, on the condition that he wore a warmer outfit. In the one class we have together, he always looks at me when I enter. After class, everyone usually stands around and talks to each other. Most days, he will eventually work his way into my group of friends, even if I am the only one he actually talks to. He also invites me to hang out and always comes over when I invite him. He also acknlowledges me whenever I see him and my friends are convinced that he likes me again.


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  • OMG ! , I didn't read the other post but I'd say he wants a root . Sexe


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