Getting back with an ex?

I dated a guy a couple years ago for almost a year. There were rumors he was with my best friend near the end of the relationship and a week after he ended it with me, they were together. The entire situation with everyone involved was complicated but I'm still unsure what happenened. He denies ever cheating on me, but I'm not sure if I believe him. Anyway, recently we've been talking a lot and we are actually seeing eachother again. Most of my friends hate him but when we're together, I feel so happy and he treats me better than he ever did before. But I'm nervous because of our past. We both have grown up and changed a lot over the last few years and it seems like we'll actually work out this time, but the situation is sketchy. I know its not a lot of details, but should I get back with him? Personally, I want to. But I just want others' input.


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  • look, the rumors were probably true, that's why he finaly did have a relationship with your friend. the thing is, that he treats you well because he feels guilty or something. maybe he wants you back, but maybe he does so, because you always show big interest in him and believe no other. you must show him you won't accept his bad behavior and that you are watching him and judge him. prove him you desere to be treated well and then maybe you can be with him and have a real relationship from the start

    good luck!


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