Not sure if my Ex Girlfriend wants to get back together? Is she being Genuine? Confused and need advice

Over a year ago I was living and studying in New Zealand (from New York) and met a Chinese girl that I started dating for about a month. Soon after, our relationship went into a sort of grey zone for the next 5-6 months (she wanted to take a step back and see what happens).

We were basically together almost every day studying (she was doing a PhD and I was doing a Master's) in the same area, meeting up, and acting as though we were in a relationship, without the romance. Despite some good moments, she treated me pretty badly at times during this period and exploited some help I gave her with editing a paper.

Anyway, I finished my Masters in June and I decided to go home in June for several months mainly because she wanted me to come along with her on a trip to Canada (she had to do a PhD conference at UBC and really wanted me to go with her). Though the first few days I focused on helping her through the conference, we had a great time and soon parted ways.

Every other day she would message me saying how much she missed me but at the same time asked for help with academic material (she had to hand in her finished proposal in September). She knew I was coming back but within a month started seeing someone else and didn't tell me until I finally confronted her on it due to the way she was acting. I tried to settle it and ultimately she ended up choosing him over me. She wanted to remain "best friends" and said it wasn't fair otherwise.

I simply told her how I felt (that I think she strung me along and used me) and said my goodbyes which was in August. I also decided to open my options to other places and wait on going back to New Zealand (to continue PhD studies). I blocked her from Facebook and thought I blocked her from my gmail account. However, ever since then she has been messaging me through gmail somehow and I have never responded. At first, she asked how I was doing. then every 30 days or so, she would bring up a good memory and then say its not fair, wishing me the best and saying how good I was. As of recently she sent this summed up message:


can you forgive me?

I really think I made a huge mistake

of giving up on us

can you give me a miracle

plz ... I miss you so much ... why you are not replying? I just wanted to borrow a book at architecture library. all the memories are rushing back. ... we can work things out ... I just miss you so much ... you are like one of the most important people to me in this world

no matter how long it takes

i have to work things out with you

i have to meet u

i just can't believe last time at the airport of vancouver is the last time I see you

i am gonna give up

At the same time, her current boyfriend messaged me through Facebook telling me to "throw her a bone" and that "he appreciates the friendship I had with her ... your friend needs you now"

Anyway, I'm not sure how to react to this as I still have feelings for her despite what happened. Yet, her apology seems less genuine and more desperate (fake).


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  • her current boyfriend messaged me through Facebook telling me to "throw her a bone" and that "he appreciates the friendship I had with her ... your friend needs you now"

    WOW she has gotten so desperate she has her boyfriend contacting you? sounds like she needs to use you some more...what a flake, don't reply, she is selfish .


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  • Move on.

  • Just move on.


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  • I would contact her. Meet her and take her right to bed. If she's really into you she'll be glad to have sex with you. If not...then you'll know


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