Why didn't he make a move? are we just friends?

So I've known this guy for at least 3 weeks we speak in class everyday, he texts me and likes and comments on a bunch of my fb stuff. The other day I finally broke down and asked him to come see a movie with me which I offered to pay for since he already had seen it and he said yes. But durring the movie he never even touched me. We never confirmed it was a date but I thought he knew it was one. He was a bit fidgedy and moved closer to me but that's it.

He has shown interest and his friends tease him about me

Is he shy or am I friendzoned


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  • My guess? He's probably shy. If he's giving you that much attention digitally, but not so much when in person, it's probably because his nerves get the better of him. Being online offers insulation to the shy person, and as a result they may come out more where they're comfortable.

    Try texting him for fun when you're right next to him! See what he does. Or just try something else that's small like hugging a bit longer, or putting your hand on his. Stuff like that. Good luck!


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  • just friends it sounds like


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