Can I text my ex- boyfriend?

We broke up two weeks ago, but haven't seen each other in three weeks. The first time we broke up was a month ago, we decided to take a one month break, but got back together a week later. A week after that he dumped me and said a bunch of mean stuff, like I didn't care about him, I am a spoiled brat and I have no friends.

I feel like I only want him back, because having him will prove he didn't really feel that way.

Can I text him something more than "hey" to test the waters? Should I wait a month? Or should I "leave him alone," like he asked me to do when he dumped me?
He texted me first, we got back together, and he was an amazing boyfriend. Until he went to college three weeks later, and dumped me at 3am through text three days after getting there.


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  • Don't do it! Seriously, don't do it.

    If you want any consistency to your life and the absence of drama, leave what is buried, buried. We make choices that we must accept the consequences to. To go back on them is to undermine your own character, which leads to self-doubt.

    • what a jerk..u know its because of another girl/girls..let him go he is no good for anyone right now plus he is like a kid in a candy store and he will not quit until he gets a tummy ache,don't take him back at that point.

    • I know, he just changed his Facebook picture. It's him with another girl. I'm not going to lie, I cried and unfriended him...

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  • No! You will regret it. He doesn't care about you the way you want him too. I know you love him but he doesn't love you. Sorry I know it hurts, but it will hurt more if you open yourself up to be hurt by him again. Been there. Done that.

  • if you do you will confirm what he said. Spoiled means no

  • no, be strong.


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