Ex boyfriend contacts me after 7 months?

Ex contacts me after 7 months no contact

Ok so hopefully there's guys on here that can help me or give advice

So my ex emailed me & like a moron I responded a few days later. he said that he had a nightmare about me and wanted to make sure that I was okay so that he could sleep well that night. I basically just said I'm alive and that's it. He responded right away asking me how I really am called me a dork and then started some inside jokes& again I waited to respond.

Well now he texted me " have a great Thanksgiving! "

few weeks before he texted my sister to get in touch because I changed my number & he dosnt have it. I ignored that attempt.

We haven't spoken in 7 months. We were together 8 years & he left me for Another girl. I am now thinking he only contacted me to feel better about himself. I also noticed he unblocked me on fb.

I literally just sat in my car and balled my eyes out when I saw his happy Thanksgiving email. I can't do this. I love him but cannot go through any more pain and anguish these emails are messing with me.

What the hell does he want?


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  • He wants to know if you still have feelings for him so he can use you for a booty call when he wants one, so don't fall for it, he knows this is messing with your head, but shows no respect for you as a person, be brave and tell him that you have moved on from him and now have a life, this will make him realize that your seeking better things that he could never offer you. It might hurt again, but you deserve better things when you move forward, don't let this guy drag you back to where you were, keep moving forward for those bigger and better guys who actually live to treat a girl like you with respect,x

    • Thanks. He never apologized or said he missed me. After all this time & everything he's done. So as far as I'm concerned I'm going back to ignoring him.

    • Probably a very wise choice to make.There's never any point moving in a backwards direction, especially when your not sure of their intentions or agenda, good luck,x

    • I'm experiencing the same dilemma as op and I would like to thank @stubbsy for your honest insight. You've also enlightened me.

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  • don't worry about it, just let it go


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