Cheating or jealous?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now. Before we got together his ex girlfriend tried to stop him from talking to me and tried to keep him away from me. Since we got together its been great! He's always there for me and treated me so special. I find out from my friends that his new job meant that he will work with his ex girlfriend. I trust my boyfriend. But with that knowledge and the fact he didn't tell me makes me unsure. Lately she has been posting on his Facebook things like them having lunch breaks together. The upsetting part is I have been asking him to have his lunch breaks with me before but he would always deny and say he only has a limited time. Lately I Haven't been seeing his as often as I use to which makes me feel neglected but he always reassures me he's just busy working especially due to the holidays.Am I just being a jealous girlfriend or there is something wrong? like the saying if there's smoke there's fire.


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  • I think he is seeing her again they way you described it.

  • Oh yes, you are definitely being a jealous girlfriend.. there is ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.SKETCH.ABOUT. WHAT. HE'S.DOING.TOTALLY.FINE.NO.PROBLEM.HERE...

    Maybe you can call someone else to have lunch with you? Seeing as how he's

    "too busy wither work" *wink* *wink*


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