How do you show your keen via fb messaging

The only contact I have at the momment with the guy I like is fb message as he is travelling overseas. We met on a tour together several weeks ago, and hit it off together for over a week, then went our separate ways.

we kept in contact briefly I've intitiated most of it but he always replies and keeps the convo flowing even when questions weren't asked.

he even invited me to visit him once he is back home as he lives in a different city. I said I would like to but money is an issue so he should stop through via my city on his way back home from overseas. He said he would see how his funds go but he will probably be broke.

my friends have told me that I Haven't shown I am very keen in the message I have been writing to him. I was wondering how I can show that more without actually saying it.


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  • What do you want from this guy? Dating? Do you guys even live in the same city? When exactly will he be back? There are so many things I could ask you. Basically if there's no prior relationship, it'll be harder starting a long-distance thing, so I'd suggest you wait until he's back permanently, if you guys even live in the same city. As for how to show keenness, just be upfront about wanting to see him I guess.

    • yes different cities, atm I just want to see him again to know if there is something more there like I think there is. he is back mid janurary

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    • thats the direction I'm kind of taking it but he hasn't made any contact with me in the last 3 days, I don't want to initiate all the time. do you think he likes me or just wanted the sex? p.s goodluck with your guy :)

    • Ohh boy no idea, because I don't know what you guys are like lol, try not to over think for now! haha

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