Abused by my ex, should I tell my new bf?

I've been with my boyfriend for the past 18 months and things are getting serious. At times, yes life is not so easy but we're trying to make the most of it, and I'm not running away because I really love him. Yes, I'm talking about running away because that is what I used to do before, I never wanted to get involved into long-term serious relationships; I prefered dating guys who were already emotionally engaged with other girls, so I knew the fun part was for me, and the rest for the girls.

Thats not beautiful an I'm not proud of it. I had been abused by my ex boyfriend, for more than 8 months, I had to endure sexual violence, emotional abuse, all kind of threats, After I managed to escape this relationship, I turned into a different person, I wasn't stronger but I wouldn't let anyone approach me emotionally, and I'd never let myself have feelings for anyone. This is why I would date only guys who would never ask for an engagement from me.

Till I started dating my new boyfriend. He changed the entire picture, I learned to trust him, and I know that I want to be wtih him, for he makes me feel safe and happy. We were friends before we started dating and he knew how I was going about my relationships and I know that my old habits do bother him at times, though he rarely talks about it.

The question is: should I tell him what happened with my ex? Sometimes, I feel like I'm hiding things from him, and I don't like the feeling, but on the other hand, it is hard to talk about it. What could be best, since we are thinking about getting married?


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  • Its better to tell sometimes but be sure that he does not take advantage of your misery.


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