It's long. But guys, please help me out. Does he like me or I should move on?

I know this guy for a month. He's a hockey player for my college.

- He offered me a hockey stick because I dressed like a hockey player for the Halloween.

- He never says hi to me first in the lab (we have lab together twice a week).

- I saw he looked at me once or twice during the lab.

- He ALWAYS looks at me during the hockey warm-up, and breaks. (I'm a big hockey fan and I always go to watch hockey).

- My friend told me he looked straight to me during the warm-up.


- He never keeps the conversation going through text

- He always replies my text without a short answers.

- He always uses exclamation, haha in the texts

- I started to text him "Good luck on games day for 3 weeks now.

- The only thing he texted back is "Thank you!"

- When our eyes met during the lab, I smiled to him, and he smiled back.

- I am always the first person who initiate the conversation.

- He AVOIDED to walk with me twice.

- I followed him on twitter, but he hasn't followed me back for a week now.

- He keeps the conversation going sometimes if we talk in person like when we were silence, he said "it's cold today".. and we started to talk again.

- He blushed when I flirted with him.

- He never tell me the personal stuff though.

- He didn't text me back once.

- He didn't text me at all when we were on Thanksgiving break for 5 days

I texted him on Sunday asking if he's ready to be back to school. He texted me back right away for the first 2 texts, and he didn't text me back for 3 hrs!

Then he texted me, "Sorry my phone died! I'm going to Penguins game in next 2 weeks"

I texted him back an hour later, "I'M SO JEALOUS! Can I join?"

He texted "haha my sister bought me and her tickets for Christmas!"

Then I texted him, "Awww! You sister is so nice! You should take me to Pittsburgh sometimes"


P.S. He just broke up with his ex 5-6 months ago.

- He has so many female and male friends! But he's quiet in the lab.

Does that mean he doesn't like me?

Did I show too much signs that I'm interested in him?


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  • its quite obvious that you are doing all the work and doesn't even try anything at all which is a clear sign that you need to let go off him cos he is no good


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