I think my ex is angry I'm seeing someone else, what can I do?

My ex dumped me 2 months ago and made it quite clear that he didn't want anything to do with me. He's gone around calling me names, throwing accusations, calling me a liar to everyone.

Anyway, I started seeing someone around 2 weeks back. It's going really well and I'm really happy with him. My ex found out, however, I'm not sure how, I think someone must have told him or he overheard my conversation with someone (we're at college together), and as soon as he found out, he started telling people to be careful of me and that I'm nasty and manipulative. I even woke up to see a picture of this girl sat on his knee on Facebook on my news feed. It's not just any girl, either, she interfered with our relationship for ages and loved causing trouble and upset for me. It went on for a while, I tried talking to him about her but he never listened. I'm wondering if this is intentional, as it was the day after he found out. I'm not too sure what to do if is. What are your opinions?


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  • OMG ! , They both sound like trouble , maybe he has been stalking you and that's how he found out . Don't play his game by responding to anything he does , so there is no reward for his BS . I am glad you are in a better relationship now , cheer up. Sexe

    • It's all so strange! I just don't understand why he would be so friendly with this girl, especially after everything she put us through. Does he really want to be friends with her or does it sound more like he's using her to get to me?

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    • I know how he knows! I was talking to my best friend about it at college and the girl that sat on his lap at the party heard our conversation, it's kinda my fault but I didn't think she was in the room :/ I think the pictures and statuses are intentional, I just want it to stop :/

    • OMG ! , Intentional , to get you back for something he did , crazy , the only way to stop it is , do not react , so there is no reward , payoff etc , the more upset you get , he gets off on it .To get you back etc , if you react in any way , it will never end , his moto = "Your distress is my delight " . Sexe

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