My ex boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago, but now seems to be flirty. Is this flirting?

So, my ex boyfriend broke up with me because he said he said he couldn't see a future with me and thought I was falling for him faster than he was falling for me. We had not dated long and I felt like I was taking things slower than him. We have a class together so I see him occasionally. He said he wanted to be friends and is always friendly when I see him. Recently, he has been staring at me while in class when he thinks I don't notice. He also has started to sit closer and sometimes puts his arm around the back of my chair. He tells me to text him and is always friendly over text, but he never initiates conversation.

We had not been dating very long when he broke it off, but I still really like him. Do you think he may be flirting again or thinking about wanting to get back together? Sorry for the long description, answers are appreciated!


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  • he seems like he wants to know that you still like him..he is playing mind games, if he wanted you back he would tell you just like he told you straight up he didn't want a relationship with u. Don't let him play u, ignore him if you can


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  • He sounds wishy washy ew so gross, hate that.. either he likes you or not.. tell him to choose damn it.

  • He thinks you still have feelings for him.


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