Why can't I get over this?

My ex & I been broken up for almost a while now. I'm having a hard to letting go the last time we spoke was last new years LOL! I've really been thinking about him a lot... God I do miss him but the relationship was shit circling the fucking drain, we had more bad memories than good but when it went down, we lost our minds. We were so mean to each other for a couple of weeks. We would see each other at parties & til this day we can't stay in the same room as each other when if I'm in his way he'll say excuse me & that's not what he says... I feel like I need to talk to him but I can't I wanna let it go but everything reminds me of him... I still have chats with his sister once in a while should that stop too?


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  • You love him. Deal with it.

    Maybe when the both of you mature, you'll be able to talk and rekindle something. Clearly you guys meet and your still kids. aka "you guys can't be in the same room as one another."

    Weather there were bad times or not, or less good or w.e. Clearly he has a special spot in your heart, and you have one in his. There is a reason as to why you hold him so deeply. He clearly has things that you want in a husband, that you cannot harvest or come to mends with, cause you don't wanna let it go. End of story.

    Just call him, be nice, and don't hold the past against him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't hold anything against you.

    If you really wanna be a bi*ch. Yes cutting out his sister would be a good move.

    • Thanks for not being rude most would say the hell with it. I will say we are being very mature even being on & off we would play these pointless games. & you're very right he's so special. & I won't be a bitch hahaha. Thank you again!

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