Serious problems with ex girlfriend, why the hell is she angry at me?

She dumped me 2 weeks ago now because she "wasn't ready for a relationship yet". Day one I was begging her to think this through, but she said no. Day 2 I started NO contact whatsoever.

Last night I was out drinking with some mates and my ex do happened to be there too with her friends.

She didn't even say hello to me did glare at me.

I went up to her and she got angry and stormed off.

What's her deal, why is she acting like this?


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  • If she didn't want a relationship with you but wanted you to chase her, it's because she likes the attention. Nothing more. The fact that she was angry can also be because you've gone NC on her since day 2 of the breakup, and now suddenly you decided to go up to her. Wrong move. I'd be pissed at you as well for not sticking to your ground. Either ignore her or don't.

    Either way, you probably shouldn't be with her. She seems to be too immature to be able to handle a relationship. I don't understand what you see in her.

    • I don't get it ... seriously. NC is for ME, I needed to go through so I could get over her. Maybe it was stupid of to go up to her (I was seriously drunk at the time), but she had been looking at me a lot - however hadn't come up to say hello.

      At the end of the day, she's the bitch ... sorry if it hurts people's feelings, but it's true ... She didn't want a relationship, but SHE made it official and SHE made it go super fast.

    • Then why do you keep asking how to get her back? Move on.

      And the fact that she was looking at you, it was probably just to see if she could get some more attention out of you, which she did. She expected you to come up to her if she gave you enough looks. Sounds to me like she just wanted to make a scene.

    • You're most definitely right ... I don't think any of her girl "friends" like her that much either ... They're pretty kind to me i.e asking me if I'm OK when I see them, etc ...

      I'm slowly but surely moving on, it's difficult, but all break ups are aren't they?

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  • She didn't want a relationship = she didn't want you to be her friend. So seeing you ruined her night. The end.

    I fail to see how this is a "serious" problem. You two ended up at the same bar at the same time. That's it. It was a bad night for her. Just continue to ignore her. It'll make her happy, you happy, and both of your lives eons less dramatic.

    It's really not a big deal at all. Leave the over thinking to the females please.

    • She did want me to be her friend, well she said so after breaking up with me.

      I don't give a shit if I ruined her night, it's the University SU what the fuck does she expect on a Friday night?

      "serious" because she's giving me signs of her still being into me, besides getting angry at me.

      Fucking don't get you girls some times ... you're never straight forward with us.

  • She's hurt and I think she needs to see that you really do care for her. Had you been neglecting her in any way before all of this happened?

    • Neglecting her?! No in no way was I neglecting her ... I was treating her just like how every girl is meant to be treated. Not like a princess, but with respect.

      Only time I raised my voice at her was when she was constantly calling me a "retard" on this night out and I said can you treat me with a little more respect. She called it "banter" but banter is 2 sided and in this case it was just her verbally attacking me.

      Don't think she deserved me in the first place anyhow.

    • I was just thinking maybe it was the normal ''he doesn't love me" stuff girls often feel with guys when guys are busy and not paying enough attention to them. I am sorry she is making thiings difficult for you :(

  • maybe she was pissed cause you happen to be there and you came up to her and she didn't like it ..don't no it sounds like there is more to it then that but I wouldn't contact her at all just move on she sounds like a drama queen or a game player ...


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  • Well. Taking what you've said that she said at face value, it looks like she didn't want to be in a relationship, and got out. Then, when she was out with her friends, who are probably trying to get her to have a good time and forget the breakup for awhile, they run into you. Basically the night is ruined because it brings up all the stuff she's trying to avoid. Then you compounded it by going over to her.

    Not your fault. Kind of sucks. Sounds like she was just angry about the situation, but not necessarily more or less angry at you than she previously was.

    If there's more to the reason she broke up with you (that maybe you don't even know about), then who can say? In any case I would just continue the non-contact. If you run into her again, don't go up to her. I think she's made it clear she doesn't want to talk to you for awhile. Even though she is the one who broke up with you, she still deserves to be given space. Break-ups generally aren't happy or easy for either party, which can be hard to see if you're the one who was dumped.

    And sorry about the breakup man, good luck.

    • The reason I think there's something more in it is because when she broke up with she was like "can we be friends?" I told her I couldn't because I didn't want to hang around with the feelings I have for her as "just friends" and I chose to never be friends with an ex anyway.

      After one week of no contact she actually came to see me to ask how I was going ... I saw her in the corner of my eye as I was talking to a friend and she noticed me and came to speak.

      I don't know what's up with her .

  • Because she liked the idea of you chasing after her.

    • And that's it ? ... Because I didn't she got mad?

      Does she still care about me and or have feelings. What do I do to get back with her?

    • You don't get back with her, or even try - because she's obviously immature.

    • Hmm ... There must be something else in this.

      Why would she want me to chase her?

  • Its not really a problem. Just ignore her and go about your life.


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