Getting the ex back. Giving him a night to remember?

Here's the lowdown... Broke up with ex boyfriend in August. It was a pretty painful split, with months of drama. We've kept contact ever since. Recently (mid October) he finally admitted fault in the breakup and sincerely apologized to me- that was what started me on the road to healing. (Not quite there, but the bitterness is gone.) Now we still talk all the time and we've both indicated that we want to see each other over Christmas...

My question is, any tips on seduction? I know on my end I want to get back together and make things right- through all the pain I still care for him and recognize where we both went wrong. I feel like if we can get together and have the time of our lives like we used to, it'll rekindle things. But I'd like to help it along... already bought a killer little black dress, could y'all give me some tips that make guys weak in the knees? (Other than the cliche Cosmo ones of biting your lip, twirling your hair... lol). Thanks y'all!


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  • I don't think you will have to try to hard, sounds like the spark is already there...especially if you've created some distance between you two. He's missing you! But! One night of passion won't get you back together. You've created a boundary that shows you respect yourself and he needs to also. My advice keep it slow, but that will be hard, just keep your head about you. Give him something and something to keep coming back to and respecting you too. Merry Christmas! Hope it all works out.


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