Guys have ever met someone who gave you the idea to commit but got scared and backed out?

Me and my ex have been broken up for about 2 months now and we've seen eachother in between and had sex a few times but my ex never seemed ready to put a title on us again or during the time that we were still having sex and spending time here and there. He told me he wanted to get back together but slowly well the thing is that he wouldn't text or call me I had to or we didn't speak at all. When we did see each other it would feel so amazing I could feel the chemistry there still but even more stronger it seems...he has school plus a full time job and loves to go out with his boys a lot to get drunk

To my understanding or view it seems he wants to have fun right now abd not make a commitment he wants to enjoy his 'freedom' he didn'ttell me this but that's what it looks like is going on he says he still loves me and cares for me but that he doesn't want to rush anything this time.

My question is have you ever been with some one who you really liked, a girl and you loved her but you weren't quite ready to stop all of the partying and limit your freedom so you ceased the relationship and eventually went back to her ready to commit?


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  • I have never chosen to give a girl less of the attention ever, because if I am into her, I show her, and I would put everything on the back burner to be with her, there's nothing I wouldn't do if I was truly into her to be with her, she would be my priority. its just the way it is, anything less then I would expect her to lose interest or feel as if I was not ready or worthy of her, so the effort from me would have to be obvious,x


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