Still crushing! (But no one is making any moves)

I have written about this before but here is the deal now I like someone at work ( a higher up) and we talk from time to time if I am leaving or in passing. I work retail so around this time its pretty busy now what is going on now is that I think he knows I am attracted to him but how do I know if he is genuinely attracted to me not just being nice? In talking I found out his age his birthday what candy he likes that he does have kids, but he releases little bits about himself in every conversation that we have but no one is making any moves I'm scared because I don't want to move to fast and he's scared I think because he is a (higher up).

He used to flirt a lot but now he hides in the back so the only time I see him is if I go on my break or if I am going home and he talks to me then all of the time but never on the floor anymore and when he leaves he looks at me and raises his eyebrows and smiles or waves what do you guys think happened. I was planning on giving him a gift basket ( I make them as a hobby), its very nice but I don't want to make him feel weird its a x-mas gift but he's a great guy so I made it. HELP!


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  • What would you tell a guy friend to do if were in this situation?

    • Not sure that is why I am posting the question to get answers from a guys point of view and a girls!

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  • It's generally against company policies for higher ups to date lower downs... He might be staying away for the sake of his job.

    • I read the hand book and did not see anything about it in there unless they give them different rules than they give us. I just think he is so amazing and I don't want him to lose his job and I can't lose mine, We are still human just because of someones position doesn't mean they don't have feelings!

    • Oh I 100% understand that. We can't help how we feel! It's more to retain professionalism and not put either of you in conflict of interest situations or to avoid at work drama if you two break up.

      Is he your direct supervisor or what is your work relationship like ?

    • He is the Store Manager we are very professional, the work relationship is great. I can't complain honestly. I did not mean to fall for him it just happened one day I just saw him differently. I used to catch him starring at me when I had no crush at all then a light went off in my head oh wow he's is amazing but there has never been any touching just conversations, laughs, and just light flirting. I think if we do get together I will transfer to another store just to keep the drama down.

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