Defriending a girl who played you a good move?

This girl I met in college is a senior and graduates this year. Well we got to talking and what not and things went to the next level within 5 days. We werent dating, but we did stuff on the reg. Well I grew feelings for her, and did stuff to show I liked her more than that, and she reciprocated back with signs of interest which is why I took it to the next level. Well long story, short, she wasn't into me the same way she just wanted a f-buddy who was close(as I live in the same dorm) at the same time she was friends with benefits with her ex. Even though we weren't together, I got upset. Well she doesn't reply to text often and she puts up a front when I'm around as she is an RA at one of the dorms I live at. My question is this, would it be wise to delete her from Facebook or just block her. (beta or alpha move) I already deleted here number and all photos off phone. Thanks
also I wanna be the bigger person. If I defriend her I feel that's what she wants, or leave her and let her see what all I'm doing as if it never bothered me type situation. Also I notice she holds onto her exs, as she is one of those who doesn't want to let anyone go. I don't know what to do.


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  • What a horrible girl - ditch her out of your life and don't let her come back.

    Girl I was dating did something even worse that I don't know if I'll ever have the strength to forgive her - and yes I deleted her off Facebook too.

    She made the relationship official, she made me meet her parents and just over a month in she dumped me saying she wasn't ready for a relationship.

    Girls are fucking strange.


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  • I honestly don't think she'd care either way. Your in college she didn't play you you weren't together you didn't have rules she was just having fun with you.

    • hmmm OK. cool thanks never actually looked at it like that.

    • I know it sucks when you have feelings for someone that doesn't reciprocate them but it's part of life you just have to make sure you know what your getting into and set rules so next time you don't feel played.

  • I doubt she'll care.


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  • Don't do anything. Go live your life just as you did before you knew her. She wanted a short fling, now it's over. Live with it. I doubt she'd even notice if you defriend her as she seems like the type who's already working on her next project. You should do the same.


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