What do you think of the website ShesAHomeWrecker.com?

There is a website called She's A Home Wrecker where people publish the photos and names of women who have cheated with their husbands. (There is also He's a Home Wrecker for the men) but I wonder- what do you think of this website? Is it wrong to shame women who have cheated with married men?


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  • I think it's wrong to post someone's picture on the internet without their consent. I honestly have no respect for the people posting those photos. Instead of addressing the situation with the "other woman" they just "shame" these women online. I mean, if they want to talk shit about the women their husbands cheated with then they could at least say it to those women's faces rather than shaming them online. That makes them look incredibly immature.

    Also, it's funny how they just place the full blame on the other women, but, it takes two to tango. Obviously their husband was not satisfied in the marriage or he was simply an a**hole so he went looking elsewhere. I've never understood why people only blame the person the husband (or wife) cheats with. I think both are to blame but I think most of the responsibility falls on the husband (or wife, whoever is doing the cheating).

    Don't get me wrong, I think it is very wrong to help someone cheat like those women did. But, that doesn't mean they should get their picture splattered across the internet with a story only told by the wife. There's two sides to every story. Obviously the women posting those pictures are hurt, angry, and bitter which is understandable but doing something like that is not classy at all in my opinion.


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  • On one hand, I think that's an awesome idea. On the other, it seems a bit cruel and immature.

    It's awesome because you can see who are cheaters. If you get in a new relationship and a buddy warns you she has been known to cheat you can look it up online and confirm it. On the other, it is publically humiliating and slanderous towards the cheater. Yes, they did something pretty bad. However, at least in the US, adultery isn't a crime you can get arrested for. So it's basically giving an "arrest record" to someone who hasn't done anything illegal. Although, to contradict that, if someone didn't want everyone to know that they are a cheater, they shouldn't have cheated in the first place...


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  • No one is a home wrecker but the person who strayed on the relationship. If your relationship was fine your man wouldn't have strayed. As such, it's not fair to shame the woman. Even if she went into the relationship knowing full well the man is married she never made any vows to you, only one person did and that person is your husband.

    I've been in this situation and let me tell you, men don't come out "oh hey I'm married but I want you on the side" it's more "woe is me, my wife hates me and we're separated and our relationship is over" ... "I'm not married!" ... or it never comes up because he pretends the wife/gf does not exist.

    Women seem to not want to live in reality and believe their perfect husband cheated. Instead they blame/shame the women he did it with and place all of the blame on her because she "tempted" or "seduced" him from you. Men are adults and know the difference between right and wrong. They know exactly what they're doing before they have that first kiss with the other woman.

    People are either cheaters or not. No one else makes them do that. Some avoid temptation while others do not.

    The luckiest ones are the ones with gfs/wives who place all the blame on the other women as they enable him and don't hold him responsible for his actions.

    (same goes for women cheaters)

  • haha well there should be a website "he/she is a cheating bastard"

    I thnk its awesome tbh. People need to take out their anger somehow in a non violent way. This seems like a good way. Is not like anyone sees them, more than the people who are mad because the same thing happen to them. They prob talk trash about the people who "ruined" their lives and get the anger out of their systems.

  • Immaturity at its finest.


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