To women on break ups. I want to know why ex girlfriend keep there belongings of there ex?

The question to you ladies out there after a bad break up and things misunderstood from both parties involved why an ex girlfriend keep your belongings.. It has been 3 months now...


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  • Why do people keep things from holidays or take photos?. It's a happier memory they had even if it turned out badly. At one stage you loved or liked the person and that will never change. She had the opportunity to give them back so it must be a keepsake thing.. I still have a t-shirt belonging to an ex, the breakup turned out pretty badly but the t-shirt reminds me of the happy times we spent together and the fun we had.. That's my opinion anyway. Though I do know someone who kept some of her ex boyfriends belongings ( they were going out 8 years and it was a bad breakup ) and whenever it was his birthday or Valentine's day or Christmas or even when a song came on that reminded her of him she would burn one of the objects she had kept. She had a lot of stuff so this went on for a long time. And that my friend is a freaking weirdo and if she turns out like that you had a lucky escape ha ha

    • You say it reminds of the good times, So in other words there is still feelings for your ex and eventually you guys might talk again or not?

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    • Good point... Thanks and I will have to do something on whether or to get my stuff or just forget about it. Thanks again...

    • No problem. Good luck :-)

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  • We can't say much without knowing you, her, or your situation. There could be a few reasons why she's keeping your things, like:

    -she forgot she had them

    -she can use them so she decided to keep them for herself

    -she's keeping it on purpose (reminder, keepsake, whatever)...or she just doesn't care

    -she doesn't want to see you to give it back

    -she doesn't want to pay to ship them to you

    Objectively speaking it could be for any reason...

    • well it all started in August when she went down to Florida to visit her parents and I stay back because I have a son and I looked after her place and dogs. When she got back she seemed very distance to me. the following week I got drunk and said some bad things to her because I thought she was taking advantage of me... I apologized for it. the neighbor asked me out we went out for a month and then at thksgiving the ex start tex me. now its been three weeks nc because she told my mom she is not talk

  • maybe she threw them out or doesn't want to see your face again to give them back, I don't keep my ex's belongings I give them back regardless of how we ended

  • i don't. I always give it back

  • I don't know what to tell you. When a relationship ends, I give him back his stuff.

    • So do I... I gave her stuff back. The question is why do some keep your stuff? Won't it remind you of that person...

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