How can you tell if a guy is over his ex girlfriend?

For a year I been trying to get my boyfriend to stop speaking with his ex because she still love him. We live together and he told me he won't respond to her texts or calls but today he texted her back after after she texted him about her past visit there. He told me that she never been over his house. he never wants to change the situation. He don't wanna block her number nor change his number. He leave me on the internet alone as if he not really into me. He won't let me call her, but she knows about me. he don't mention me at all to her. One point of time he was answering his ex calls in the middle of the night and calling her back. right in front of me he answers her. He talk about her bad towards me. He said she's obsessed and is harassing him. he told me he blocked her but he only put her on the reject list. Now all of a sudden he's arguing with me about everything. We talked about his ex plenty of times


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  • OHHH girl I so feel for you .. I was in the same situation .. I dated a guy who I fell so hard inlove with .. he was still friends with his ex but I thought nothing much of it because he always acted like he loved me so much and I seen no signs of him cheating on me but I was WRONG he was still inlove with her and cheated on me with her for a long time before I even new about it . then when I found out he said he would never talk to her again ...LIE he did and he even at one point tried to dump me for her ..then she ended up getting with a different guy but still I should have just woke up from the start and seen things for what they was ... AS for you and your man . if he is not still into his ex and is with you know then it would be easy for him to stop talking to her . he knows it upsets you yet he is still doing so and the question is why? well If he didn't still like her he wouldn't talk to her he would be more worried about your feelings then hers .. he might even say he only text her back cause he didn't want to hurt her feelings ( that's what my man said to me ) but like I said your his girl now not her and if he is sneeking behind your back texting her then there is a very great chance he still into her and I'm sure she is him . if he was really over her there would be no reason to text on the down low or see her .

    • He won't do anything to stop this at all. She can text his phone as she pleases and call. He claimed to do this and that but never done it

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    • He said he had sex with her one time and she was just a f*ck to him and that's all. I don't know what to think

    • well if that's all it was he wouldn't be taken her calls or texting her back .. there is a reason he don't want you talking to her .

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